Hi there, I’m Courtney

I've been an educator for 10+ years working in French first language schools. I've worked for the school board, as well as hosted their summer camp for 3 years, both in person and online! If you want my education in a c.v. format, you'll have to scroll waaay down. I'm going to start with what I think matters most in an educator. 



Hi again!

So, I'm sure you are wondering why I am writing in English (the French site is on it's way!) and that makes sense. Allow me to explain why I am starting here.


My parents had the audacity to send their kids to school in French when they didn't speak the language and Google wasn't a thing yet. Basically, daredevils. Thing is, they aren't the only ones and there are still daredevils out there today. English speaking parents that want their kids to be bilingual. So I'm here for you! The daredevils.

I offer French in a fun and engaging way. Creating opportunities to learn, speak and have fun in French. Not all of the daredevil parents are able to keep the French language going at home or outside of their school. Creative Connections Studio is for you.

Thanks for reading this far! Last thing I wanted to mention was that I love to teach through projects. Reading, building, art, science and math. Worksheets are great, but you could find those on your own. I'm here to bring the language to life and help your kids create a community in French.


Thanks for joining the community!



Masters in Curiosty

Birth - Present Day

Keep scrolling if you want my c.v. You're almost there!

Okay, so I have been a qualified educator for 10+ years now and have been teaching in schools for even longer. BUT, I've been doing other things that I think are even more important than adding some extra letters to the end of my title. 


Staying curious by reading professional development books over the last 10+ years, combined with observing what keeps kids engaged. 

Listening, to children talk about what makes them happy and what challenges they love and need more often.

Application, getting my hands dirty in the paint and experiments. Putting my feet in their shoes and asking myself is this fun?


Making mistakes, remember those? Seems as though kids are very afraid of making mistakes today. I like to encourage them, embrace them and help kids learn from them.

Bachelor of Arts Honours, University of Windsor

Bachelor of Education, University of Ottawa

Basic qualifications : 

Middle and intermediate level, Visual Arts Specialist

Primary school level teaching qualification 

Additional qualifications : 

French second language, part 1

Special education, part 1

Special education, part 2

Special education, specialist



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