Get the support you need to teach French at home this school year, in a fun and engaging way. Save yourself hours of research and organization and offer your child playful activities and connection to others with small group learning.

Kids in Art Class


With your registration, you will receive a kit filled with everything needed to build, create and explore. This isn't just a time of demonstration. Your child will have the materials to put his or her skills into action.

Not just that, but once they build up their creative muscles they will spend more time creating. Helping them dive deeper into their learning and giving you free time.

BONUS! Each week you will receive an email with links to videos, books and printables.

Painting Stones

Online made better

Dynamic and interactive classes

Our world has changed and a lot of us are feeling lost and looking for solutions. Learning or teaching in front of a screen has not been easy. The struggle is real!
But it can be better.

With your registration you will receive a learning kit the supplies needed to go from passive to active.

Kids in Preschool

If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play. - John Clesse

We all know how rote learning works. But play works wonders!

Each month we will immerse yourself into a topic, creating art, doing STEM challenges and sharing ideas. Giving your child the chance to not only learn in French, but to use the language.

How does it work?

Art, reading, STEM, and play all done in French. I want children to see the connections between the subjects taught in school. Mixing math and art and language, the way these subjects exist in the world. Encouraging problem solving, questioning and creativity.

STEM : Science, technology, engineering & math.

September : Forest

A look into our forests, the animals that live there and their importance to our lives.

November : A World of Colour

Lets get lost in colour theory, emotions and empathy. Make connections and find the link between science and art.

October : Fantastic Creatures

A nod to Halloween, a focus on building our imaginations and developing our vocabulary.

December : Let's Celebrate!

Discover different holidays around the world, traditions and celebrations. Enjoy pattern making and recipes old and new.




All activities are connected to the Ontario curriculum.

The majority will be focused on grades 2 - 4.


Places will be limited to give the kids the chance to have a voice and presence during our online sessions.


Offering  the the kids the chance to connect with others in French, while staying safe at home.